Five Tips for the Jimmy Buffett Tailgate Party and Concert:

Jimmy Buffett Concert 2014

Jimmy Buffett Concert 2015

If you have not heard by now, Jimmy Buffett is coming to Frisco, TX for his annual kick off to summer fun on May 28, 2016. I’m going to be there, and I hope to see you there too. We always have a good time at the show. I have never meet anyone there but friends that I did not know I had. They were strange, but not strangers for long. I don’t think I need to remind you to bring food and drinks. Make sure you have plenty of water and all those other parent things.
1. Get to the tailgate early so you can decorate your spot. I love to have my tailgate spot decorated. We have fake tiki décor and inflatable parrot for our tent. Since you can’t stake the thing in the ground, I attach ratcheted tie downs to 5 gallon buckets with sand bags in the buckets. I saw people doing this at the beach where the sand would not hold stakes and stole the idea. We also have beach chairs and a big beach blanket for the ground.
2. Wear a costume. Come on the least you can do is wear a Hawaiian shirt. Since I wear one daily that is not a costume for me. I wear my grass skirt, leas and parrot hat. Yes, I am literally a Parrothead at the show. You don’t have to be tropical, being a pirate is fine too. I can’t really think of a time when being a pirate is problem, but you never know. I wear flip flops and have never had a problem.
3. Watch for beach balls in the front. Last year I had a party fowl and spilled beer all over the dude in front of me. I felt bad, but he did not seem to care. He did not even give me a dirty look. This year, I am going to take a cheap beach ball to throw.
4. Bring your music. I always warn the people next to us that we like Jimmy Buffett music. Most just laugh and say “us too.” However, by four or five o’clock and hearing “Margaritaville” at least three times, I think they wish I would listen to something else. Some just play the car radio. That’s cool if you have Sirius XM and put it on channel 24.
5. Learn the music. You know the man is going to play that beach song for which he is famous. In fact, I would be mad and want my money back if he did not play “Margaritaville.” Jimmy Buffett has been making great music for over forty years. There are the big eight or ten songs that he plays at every concert, some of them you know by heart. My favorite songs are not the ones you know by heart. I love those songs, but they are not my favorites with one exception. “A Pirate Looks at Forty” is my song if only for the line, “I feel like I’ve drown, but I won’t wear a frown.” It reminds me that sometimes we all feel down, but if we smile through it we will get through it. Another way to put is “You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.” I wish I knew who said it, but I do try to live it. That reminds me, I hope he plays “Cowboy in the Jungle” this year. I think my favorite of the big ten is “One Particular Harbor.” That however is a topic for a whole other post.